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Utility Coordination
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Special Permits


RTG Systems Inc. offers services supporting lighting, substation and underground hydro designs.  Services are tailored to the specific regulatory environment of each project.

Range of Services

  • Review letters of understanding to ensure compliance with BILD Utility Co-ordination Committee sanctioned agreements.
  • Prepare tender documentation and issue calls for tender.
  • Evaluate tenders and make appropriate recommendations to owners.
  • Review Hydro Offers to Connect to ensure compliance with current Ontario Energy Board rulings.
  • Review manufacturer drawings and expedite material approvals through municipal authorities as required.
  • Arrange and attend site meetings to coordinate contractors and regulatory authorities.
  • Administer the electrical contract to ensure that contractors fulfill obligations.  Prepare, certify and submit certification for payment to the owner.
  • Site plan approval reports as they pertain to shallow service utilities.
  • On-site representation to resolve field issues that arise during the course of installation.
  • Preparation and submission of "as constructed" drawings.
  • Final capitalization reports.

Key Benefits

  • RTG Systems Inc. administers a relatively large number of tenders for a wide range of projects.  Our experience in the market allows us to tender to all locally qualified bidders as approved by our clients.  In evaluating the tenders we are able to compare bids to similar projects.  This ensures that our clients achieve the best available cost efficiency.


Please contact Mark Gayowsky directly to discuss your specific requirements.

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