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RTG Systems Inc. offers utility coordination planning services.  We work with utility providers to compile composite plans of hydro, communications, street lighting, and gas services in developing areas. 

Proposed utility plants are reviewed to ensure compliance with municipal cross sections, absence of conflict and minimization of aesthetic impact. 

Composite plans are compliant with local town, city or municipal requirements.  Approvals are obtained as required.

Key Benefits

  • RTG Systems Inc. is able to accept and convert information from utility providers into a common electronic format.
  • Coordination is an integral part of utility design.  Maintaining a coordinated plan while designing underground hydro and street light distribution systems ensures that we can directly negotiate cost effective and aesthetically desirable utility arrangements.
  • RTG Systems Inc. is a leader in the coordinated application of communications light poles.  By providing both coordinated utility planning services and street light designs, RTG Systems Inc. is able to maximize joint usage opportunities for Telco and Cableco providers.  This maximizes cost sharing and minimizes servicing costs.


Please contact Mark Gayowsky directly to discuss your requirements.

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