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RTG Systems Inc. offers detailed design and co-ordination of street lighting for residential and industrial subdivisions.  We work with local towns, cities and municipalities who approve our designs based on compliance, safety, maintenance and both long and short term cost efficiency.  Designs are compliant with the latest Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) design guidelines.

Range of Services

  • Street Lighting for residential, townhouse and industrial developments
  • Site Lighting for Parks, Schools and Sports Fields
  • Park Pathway Lighting Systems  
  • Economic and technical feasibility studies.
  • Electrical Design including both conceptual and detailed schematic design, voltage analysis and integration into the hydro distribution system.
  • Photometric evaluation including point-by-point reports, digital simulations and renderings.
  • Light trespass studies. 
  • Construction drawings supporting both AutoCAD and Micro Station design environments. Electronic drawings are compatible with individual requirements of utilities throughout southern and eastern Ontario.
  • Municipal Lighting Assessment Reports.
  • Peer Review Services.
  • Cost estimation
  • Contract Management Services including preparation of material specifications, tender documents, tender evaluations; construction co-ordination and scheduling; liaison with utilities; contract administration and inspection.

Key Benefits

  • RTG Systems Inc. is a leader in the coordinated application of communications light poles.  By providing both coordinated utility planning services and street light designs, RTG Systems Inc. is able to maximize joint usage opportunities for Telco and Cableco providers.  This maximizes cost sharing and minimizes servicing costs.
  • Ontario Regulation 22/04 Compliance: RTG Systems certifies that all its designs are prepared in accordance with applicable ESA codes and regulations.

Please contact Mark Gayowsky directly to discuss your requirements.

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